COVID-19 UPDATE – Important information for any anglers planning to visit Old Hall Farm Fishery

We’re all working through what has been, and still is one of the most testing times we will encounter during our lifetimes. Our venue has been closed since the 23rd March due to Covid-19, but with restrictions being lifted for the vast majority of anglers, we are set to reopen on the 21st May.

This has brought about a whole new set of challenges. Primarily though, ensuring our fishery complies with the current Government guidelines surrounding Covid-19. For us to do this we have decided to enforce the following rules:

  • All anglers should remain 15m apart whilst fishing. Adjacent swims may be closed to ensure this is possible where swims are less than 15m apart.
  • Anglers must remain in their chosen swim for the duration of their visit. NO stalking will be allowed for the foreseeable.
  • Anyone wishing to fish the venue must first confirm swim availability. Due to this all anglers must either contact us on Facebook or by phone (Phil – 07497 808 468) the day before they plan to visit.
  • At any given time we hold the right to restrict fishing to MEMBERS ONLY. If demand for day tickets becomes too high we have to ensure safe numbers, and members will ALWAYS be given priority.
  • NO competitions will be organised by bailiffs at Old Hall Farm Fishery until we receive guidance it is permitted.
  • NO keepnets.
  • The toilets on Lakes 2 and 3 will remain CLOSED. These cannot be maintained in accordance with Government guidelines.
  • Disposable gloves MUST be worn when opening / closing gates. Please dispose of these in the bins provided after use.
  • All vehicles MUST be parked at least 3m apart.
  • Please ENSURE you have the CORRECT ticket money contained within a clear sealed plastic bag before reaching the venue. Upon arrival follow signs to the Fishery Office. When ticket money is requested please place the bag containing your ticket money into the collection bin. Your ticket will then be issued. We are UNABLE to give change.
  • You MUST present your current Fishing License to the bailiff collecting ticket money. Anyone caught attempting to fish the venue without a valid license will be asked to leave.
  • Please keep a distance apart of at least 2m between you and anyone outside of your household. Everyone MUST adhere to the 2m Social Distancing guidelines.
  • No guests/visitors permitted at our venue. In case of an emergency or if you need an important piece of kit dropping off please contact us on 07497 808 468.

Our bailiffs will be enforcing the above rules to ensure the safety of all anglers visiting our venue. If anyone is caught not adhering to them, we will either turn them away, or ask them to leave.

If you have any questions or queries then please email

We look forward to seeing you soon.