Lake Rules


  1. Only one swim per angler.
  2. All rods to be kept within swim.
  3. Your left hand-rod must not be no more than 10ft from the right-hand rod. This is regardless of the number of rods you use.
  4. Even with a bite alarm receiver, an angler should not be more than 27ft away from their rod/s when fishing.
  5. NO unattended rods.
  6. NO littering (We operate a zero tollerence policy, anyone caught WILL be asked to leave).  There are plenty of bins, so please use them.
  7. NO fires unless in a log-burner.
  8. BBQ’s must be raised above the ground.
  9. NO vehicles allowed around lake 1(disabled access is available by contacting the bailiff.  Contact details can be found in the Contact Us section of our website).
  10. NO loud music.

Carp Care

  1. Carp mats and cradles must be used.
  2. Nets must be no smaller than 36″.
  3. Barbless and micro barb hooks only.
  4. Please ensure all hard particle baits and nuts are cooked correctly.
  5. For those anglers requiring a carp care kit (if they haven’t got 1) please contact a bailiff.
  6. Fish sacking is only allowed with permission from a bailiff and only after 1pm for photos.

Visitors to our lakes

Please park near the lake gates or in a parking area.

The gate to lake 3 must remain locked at all times. You are responsible for ensuring this gate is locked both on entry and exit from lake 3.

Try and keep noise down near the lakes.

Keep your ticket at hand when you’ve purchased it as our bailiffs do conduct random checks. We may also request you show you Fishing Licence(s), so please keep at hand.